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Ningbo HICON Industry Co. Ltd.focuses on precision and special refrigeration, innovative environment-protective air conditioning products. Located in the Yangtze River Delta Ningbo Yuyao Simen Industrial Development Zone, HICON is a professional manufacturing enterprise for R& D, design, production and sale of special precision air conditioning, low-carbon environmental protection air conditioning products Company covers the area of150,000m2, and has more than 400 employees, among whom more than 2 /3 of employees have professional and technical titles. The company is a national high-tech enterprises, China export quality and safety demonstration enterprises, Zhejiang provincial engineering technology research center, Zhejiang patent demonstration enterprises, Zhejiang province science and technology progress award, the first batch of Ningbo city innovation development demonstration enterprise, won the brand-name products in Zhejiang Province, A Well-Known Trademark in China, taxpayer and the honorary title, and won the national special funds to support. Take several national Torch Program projects, including national and provincial new products a number of new products.


Direct expansion type combined air conditioning cooling unit

The main features of the direct expansion combined air treatment unit are both beautiful and high performance. Quiet operation, shockproof, easy maintenance, convenient assembly, disassembly and transportation.

Air cooled screw high efficiency five- functional unit

The high-efficiency internally-threaded copper tube and aluminum louver spoiler are used to tightly bond the copper tube and the aluminum sheet through a mechanical expansion tube to exert the best heat transfer effect. The total heat transfer coefficient is 67% higher than that of ordinary coils. The tablets are treated with hydrophilic and anticorrosion, which can effectively reduce the thickness of the condensed water film during heating operation, reduce the thermal resistance of the water film, and improve the heat transfer efficiency of the coil.

Specific Container cooling unit air conditioners

Using high-quality multi-leaf direct-drive centrifugal fan, with its own internal temperature protector, it can directly and effectively protect the safety of the motor, with small vibration and low noise. It can effectively circulate air and achieve rapid and uniform cooling effect;

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